Moss Solution For Invoicing Swedish Customers Without Using Moss

Invoicing Swedish customers. Do you sell electronic services to Swedish customers in Sweden, but don't want to hassle with the MOSS system for collecting and reporting Swedish VAT

-There is a solution!

IT IS CALLED: "The Moss Killer"!

Let invoice the Swedish customers for you!

Use factoring service. I will recharge your Swedish customer for you and collect the cash and handle the Swedish VAT. You can sit back and wait for they payment!

Do you need help with managing VAT and GST och digital services and E-books? Are you looking for a service that can invoice VAT based on the rate in the customer's country? Then you should try this service!

You simply invoice Your Company->My Company and then it becomes a B2B transaction and you don't need to charge any VAT on the invoice because it is a reverse charge procedure. You send the invoice to me without VAT and attach the customer invoice to the Swedish as a backup. Then I invoice the Swedish customer domestically and charge Swedish VAT. When I get paid from the customer I will pay your company in UK or France or Germany or wherever you are registered. This way you don't need to use MOSS when invoiceing Swedish customers because you are only invoiceing a company in Sweden -

It is like when you hand over invoices to a collection agency like Intrum Justitia or similar. It can also be compared with when you sell your invoices to a factoring company and get paid directly and then they take the risk and collect the cash from the customer. But in our case you will not be paid directly, you will get paid when I get paid from the customer. It's a fair deal.

For this trouble I will charge 2% of the invoice value (excluding VAT) which will be deducted from the payment I make to Your company when the customer has paid me. The minimum fee is €2.


Contact me below and we'll have a chat about the arrangements!

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How to avoid using MOSS

There is a brilliant yet simple way to avoid using the MOSS administrative nightmare and save you tremendous amounts of time! Let my Swedish company invoice the Swedish customers for you! You will just sell your invoices to and in turn, I will invoice and collect the money from the Swedish customer. Since you are now invoicing a Swedish company instead of a private person the MOSS rules and regulations no longer applies to you! You can avoid MOSS completely by using Invoice Recharge Service.

Sell your invoices for your Swedish customers

Don't invoice your Swedish customers directly from UK or Poland or wherever your company is situated. Let invoice the customers for you and avoid using MOSS all together. Just invoice a Business-to-Bussiness transaction with and the reverse charge rule will apply - meaning that you do not apply VAT on the invoice to since you are invoicing a company in another EU-country. will self-assess the VAT on the purchase of your customer invoice and the re-invoice your Swedish customer. This way you don't need to use MOSS. I will handle the domestic Swedish VAT because it is much simpler for me to invoice Your customer since it will be a domestic invoice for me with Swedish VAT.

Swedish factoring services

Momsens factoring service is not really a factoring service in the meaning of taking your customer risk or paying you before I get paid from the customer. It's a recharge procedure in its simplest form. I will receive an invoice from you stated to in Sweden with the original customer's invoice attached as backup documentation. Then I will issue a new Swedish domestic invoice to your customer in Sweden which will abide to all the Swedish invoice rules and VAT rules. It will be completely compliant, just like your invoice to me. You will basically sell your customer invoice to with the value I will collect in my recharge invoice from the real Swedish customer. When the customer has paid me for my invoice I have sent them, I will deduct 2% of the value excluding VAT and pay the rest of the money to your IBAN/SWIFT bank account or PayPal if you prefer that. MOSS PROBLEM SOLVED!

MOSS loophole

You can easily use this "loophole" in MOSS regualations, which isn't really a loophole but it sounds good as a marketing gimmick. Simply let invoice your Swedish customers for you and don't bother with the MOSS-crap.

Invoice solution for EU microcompanies

There has been many angry comments and articles in the media lately, especially about the UK microcompanies facing a nightmare of administration load imposed by the new VAT regime implemented in 2015. Now UK companies, formerly exempt from VAT, will have to charge and collect VAT based on the VAT rate and rules in the country of the customer in the EU countries they sell to. If they do not want to register for VAT in each separate country they will have to use the much-criticised MOSS VAT reporting system. But it still leaves a tremendous workload to deal with and administrate all 28 different countries rules and regulations for VAT and invoice requirements. One solution to this is to use a local company which you invoice to, then this company invoices the EU-customer in its own country, hence avoiding invoicing a private person directly. The UK company will only need to invoice in Sweden (a B2B transaction excluded from MOSS scope) and then will issue a domestic invoice in Sweden with Swedish VAT to the end user - thus effectively avoiding using MOSS completely! Simple and brilliant service from that will enable all micro company owners to have a good night sleep again. Use invoice factoring service instead of MOSS -save hours if not months of the ridiculous extra workload. This service is of course not free but is very decently priced. Only 2% of the invoice value with a minimum charge of €10. That's it - your MOSS nightmare is over!

Recharge Swedish customers

Don't want to use MOSS? -Exactly nobody wants to use it. But now there is a way out for all micro company owners in EU. When you sell something to a Swedish customer and realise you will have to register for MOSS and start using that nightmare service you start looking for other options - and you found this: invoice recharge service for Swedish sales to Swedish customers situated in Sweden.


send an email to moms(replace this text with you know what symbol) and I will walk you through this procedure personally. I can even have Skype video call with you if you like that to help you understand the details of evading MOSS.

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