How to start and register a company in Sweden in Arabic

How to register a company in Sweden in Arabic. Where can I get help to start a business in Sweden in Arabic? Are there any business consultants that speak Arabic? How to register a business if you don’t speak Swedish? To whom do you turn to get in contact with an Arabic speaking business advisor? 

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Counselling in Arabic for entrepreneurs who want to start a business

Almi is an organization that provides counselling, loans and venture capital to companies in Sweden.

Aided by consultants which speak Arabic, Turkish, Chaldean, Assyrian, French and English you can get help, and get started quickly, without being able to speak Swedish. These are the most common languages for recent refugees to Sweden, and a significant part of the refugees to Sweden can speak and understand these far better than Swedish, which takes a long time for most people to learn.

Albeit knowing enough Swedish to be able to have a fluent conversation, it is often difficult to understand the Swedish Tax authorities and the bureaucratic government language. Even native Swedes have difficulty understanding the information and texts dealing with accounting, legal, VAT and taxes that you need to understand to operate a business in Sweden.

Free personalized advice for those looking to start a business

Now you can, as a newcomer to Sweden, receive advice and practical support for free via Almi. These advisors have themselves immigrated to Sweden and have business experience of their own.

You can get counselling all the way from idea to business registration. How to run and expand a business and employ staff. You also get help with how to write and fill in different types of necessary documents and forms.

This service is entirely free and below you can find contact information for the advisors and the languages ​​you can speak with them:

Lawina Poles

(Swedish, Arabic, Chaldean, Assyrian)

016-541 10 93

[email protected]


Abdul Zoort

(Swedish, Arabic, English)

016-541 10 94

[email protected]


Yamen Al Khalili

(Swedish, English, French, Arabic)

08-458 14:37

[email protected]


Thierry Dauphin

(Swedish, English, French)

08-458 14 85

[email protected]


Yasin Ditches

(Swedish, English, Turkish)

08-458 14 87

[email protected]


Azzam Muhr

(Swedish, English, Arabic)

08-458 14 79

[email protected]


Download this text as PDF in Arabic


Business Registration in Arabic

Please see the download link below for a guide to how you register a business in Sweden on (translated into Arabic):

Download the business registration guide in Arabic

Read how to start a company as a sole proprietorship (sole trader) in Sweden




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